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Mission of Foundation:

The Waverly Community House (The Comm) is expanding and redefining the scope of the F.Lammot Belin Memorial Fund to serve as the F.Lammot Belin Arts Foundation. This is being done in furtherance of the Comm’s overarching mission to offer educational, cultural and recreational opportunities to individuals and families in the region. The ultimate goal is to “build community through the arts” and to expand and elevate the scope of arts programming and education. The creative model is also tiered and consists of a themed approach designed to explore the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of the arts.

A very special F. Lammot Belin Art Foundation event. October 14-16, 2016

The first annual Belin Film Festival is designed to allow emerging and independent filmmakers to showcase their movies to a live audience for critical review, allowing the public to screen a variety of unique, original films written, produced and directed by independent and emerging filmmakers from around the world as well as this corner of Northeast Pennsylvania.

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